Why use a sales tax instead of another type of tax?

Each person has to determine for themselves the level of taxes they wish to pay for the community they wish to have. We agree there is no such thing as a perfect tax. A sales tax is based on spending rather than owning. A small increment can go a long way and it allows people from outside of our town to help pay for key community needs. Based on the City’s retail market strength, approximately one-third (1/3rd) of our sales taxes are generated by those from outside of our community! Events such as Renaissance Festival, Tiblow Days, and concerts at Azura Amphitheater bring many people in to our city that make purchases. In doing do, these sales tax dollars lower the cost burden to property owners by spreading the cost of vital city services over a larger customer base instead of relying solely on property tax dollars from property owners in the City.

Source: City Trade Pull Factors – 2021, Kansas Dept. of Revenue Office of Policy and Research https://ksrevenue.gov/pdf/citypullfactorfy21.pdf

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1. What is the ballot question for the proposed sales tax?
2. Why use a sales tax instead of another type of tax?
3. Will the sales tax rate increase if these are passed by the voters?
4. What will the City do if the proposed sales tax does not pass?
5. If approved, how much revenue will these sales taxes create?
6. How will the sales tax impact my wallet?
7. How does the sales tax rate in Bonner Springs compare to other nearby cities and shopping areas?
8. How has the City used the proceeds of the current sales tax since 2013?
9. What will the proposed sales tax be used for and does it address our community’s needs?
10. How does the public know that future spending commitments will be met?
11. Will the City lose business if these sales taxes are passed by voters?
12. How does the City decide which streets will be funded?
13. How much would it cost to fully fund all of the City’s street maintenance needs?
14. Will you use these funds to improve 138th Street or Metropolitan Avenue?
15. Will you use these funds to improve my water?
16. How can we expect the City to manage the sales tax project funds?