Bonner Springs Kids - Helping to Conserve Water

Hey kids! Be a part of the Be For Water Team! Go with "Flo" and check out these facts about leaks. Surprise your parents by finding and helping them fix leaks - be a WaterSense Kid!

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Why Save Water?

The world can only use about 1% of all the water on the Earth. Most of the water is in the oceans and is not usable because of all the salt. A large amount of water is frozen permanently and it would cost too much to break the ice down and melt it for us to use. We need a certain amount of rain or snowfall to keep the small amount of water at a certain level so that it does not run low.

The absolute best way to save water is to find and fix leaks in your house and to be aware of how we use water when we take a shower, brush our teeth, flush the toilet, wash the dishes and use the garden hose.

Simple Ways for all of us to Save Water

Turn Off the Tap!

While your brushing your teeth in the morning and before you go to bed, turn off the tap! If you do this for a month, you can save enough water to fill up a large fish tank that will hold 6 small sharks! That's a lot of water saved!

Shower Power!

Take a shower instead of a bath. See if you can keep your shower under 5 minutes. Taking a bath uses lots of water. Taking a shower uses less water and if you can take a 5 minute shower, you will save even more water.

Fix that Leak!

Check under the sink to see if you see any water dripping from the pipes. When you turn off the shower, make sure that there is no water dripping from the shower head. After you flush the toilet, make sure there is no water around the toilet on the floor or that there is no water running in the toilet. Be sure to let your parents know if you have found a leak. You will save them money on their water bill!

Beat the Heat!

When you are helping your parents water the flowers in your yard, remember to water early in the morning or in the evening. It's cooler during those times and the plants can drink the water when it's cooler. If you water when it's real hot, the water will evaporate and the flowers don't get the water they need.

Who Needs a Hose?

Remind your parents if you see them washing their car, let them know to turn off the hose while they are washing with a sponge. Turning the hose off until they need to use the hose will save lots of water.

The Bonner Springs Utility Department says thank YOU for helping us to conserve water!