Co-Rec Rules

Revised: April 2019
  1. Foul Ball: The batter is out when a foul ball is hit on the third strike.
  2. Batter: Each batter will start with a 1 and 1 count.
  3. Roster Players: All players must be roster players- PENALTY- Forfeit of game or games
  4. Minimum Players: To start any game, a team must field at least 8 roster players. (4 females & 4 males). Missing players in the batting order will not be called out. You may play a game with 9 players only if you have 5 females and 4 males. You will not be allowed to play with more males than females. You may also play a game with 10 players (5 females/5 males or 6 females/4 males). You may bat up to 12 players but only if you have 6 males and 6 females.
  5. Batting Order: Alternating orders Male-Female or Female-Male.
  6. Submission of Rosters: A complete roster shall be submitted to the League Director at the time of registration.
  7. Maximum Roster Players: There will be no maximum number of players on any roster, however there will only be 14 shirts presented to the league champions.
  8. Valid Rosters: A player who is on two or more rosters at the beginning of the season will be considered a valid player on only 1 roster which will be the roster of the team he plays on first.
  9. Time Limits: Complete games considered under following stipulations:
    1. Teams have 1 hr. & 55 minutes to complete 2 games. The first game goes 7 innings or to the run rule. The second game uses whatever time is left or the run rule.
    2. Four Complete innings will constitute a complete game called because of inclement weather.
    3. If games are started late because of late players, that time, up to 10 minutes, will be deducted from the 55 minute game time. After the 10 minute grace period, the game will be forfeited.
  10. Spikes: No metal spikes or cleats can be worn.
  11. Substitution: ASA rules will be followed for substitution.
  12. Determination of Home Team: Game schedule will indicate “home team.”
  13. Score: Home team must provide official scorekeeper.
  14. Handling of Altercations: On any altercation, (fights, etc.), both managers are to be on the spot immediately and must help stop the situation. PENALTY: Manager will be ejected from the game also.
    1. The umpires have the right to eject any player using profanity, bat throwing, verbal abuse, and unsportsmanlike conduct toward umpires, players, or fans.
    2. All ejected players have one minute to clear the field. PENALTY: Forfeit of game.
    3. Any ejected player will be suspended from the remainder of that game plus the next game also.
  15. Walking of Male Player: Any walk to male batter will result in two base award. With two outs, the male receives a base on balls; the female batter has her choice of batting or receiving an automatic walk.
  16. Field Play: You must play with 2 females and 2 males in the outfield. You must have a male and female in the pitcher/catcher positions. NOTE: When a female player is at bat, the outfielders must remain the outfield grass.
  17. Smoking: Players are prohibited from smoking on the fields and in their dugouts.
  18. Cereal Malt or Alcoholic Beverages: No alcoholic or cereal malt beverages allowed in city parks.
  19. Avoid Rule: Whenever a runner is being played on or thrown over, they must slide or avoid the defensive player.
  20. Uniforms: No special rule.
  21. Run Spread Rule: The run spread rule will be 20 run differential after the 3rd inning, and/or 15 run differential after the 4th inning, and/or 10 run differential after the 5th inning.
  22. Age Limit: A player must be 16 years of age or older.
  23. Ball Restrictions: Teams will provide their own game balls. Softballs are ASA approved optic yellow restricted red stitch. Women: .44 Core 11 Inch, Men: .52 core 12 Inch. Any new game balls thrown in from the dugout must be checked by the umpire. The core and compression must be legible or else it will be considered an illegal ball.
  24. Home Run Rule: Each team is limited to 2 home runs per game.
  25. Protest Rules: No protest allowed.
  26. Tie Breaker: Regular season champions will be decided by overall records. Tie-breaker will be head to head followed by total runs allowed followed by total runs scored depending on time constraints surrounding the league.