Wastewater Division

The Bonner Springs Utilities Department is a member of the KWEA.



The Wastewater Division operates a 1.4 million-gallon-per-day treatment facility and maintains the sanitary sewer collection system. The wastewater treatment plant was built in 1985 with a major upgrade occurring in 1994. The plant is a modern aeration and biological treatment design and utilizes a ultra-violet disinfection process prior to discharging treated wastewater to the Kansas River. Presently, the plant is operating at 55% of capacity and we meet all federal and state guidelines for wastewater discharge as required by permit. The collection system consists of 36 miles of gravity sewer, 7 miles of pressure sewer mains (force-mains), 690 manholes, and 10 pump (lift) stations.

KWEA Awards Bonner Springs Wastewater Department

The Utilities Department Wastewater Collection team, led by Laura Munro with assistance from Steve Garcia, was selected by Kansas Water Environment Association (KWEA) as the Best Wastewater Collection System in the State of Kansas for the 4th time over the last 5 years.

The Bonner Springs Wastewater Collection System is considered the best operated Wastewater System with less than 250 miles of pipe by an expert group of judges and the award was presented to our team on Wednesday at the State Conference in Topeka.
Ron Laura Steve receiving award
Under the leadership of Ron Wyatt, Laura and Steve along with some assistance from the entire Department Team, performed multiple tasks and completed several projects that were recognized as professional, efficient management techniques to provide for the safe transportation of wastewater to the treatment plant.

The recognition of the hard work and dedication of our team, especially the efforts of Laura and Steve, is a great honor for the entire Department and in many ways the entire City. We thank all City staff for their assistance with cooperating with our desire to provide the best possible service for the residents and businesses of Bonner Springs. We also recognize and thank the leadership of Bonner Springs, especially the City Manager and City Council; without their support and appreciation of the hard work that our staff performs 24/7/365 the goals that we set for ourselves would not be achieved.