Trash & Recycling

General Rules

General guidelines and rules of trash and recycling are:
  • City regulations require bags to be tied and large empty boxes to be flattened and bundled. There is no limit on bags of grass or leaves.
  • Contents in containers placed out for pickup must weigh 50 pounds or less. Bags that are too heavy to lift without tearing will be left. Bulky items such as large household furniture, beds, chairs, etc., must be set three feet or closer to the curb for collection on your regular pickup day.
  • Curb Side Pickup – The city’s contract requires pick up of refuse from the curb side. If a resident is disabled, Waste Management will pick up the trash from the front of the residence for a short time until arrangements can be made for a family or neighbor to get the trash to the curb
  • Garbage or trash should be in plastic bags 50 pounds or less or a container (50 gallons or less and weigh 50 pounds or less) with adequate handles for lifting and a tight fitting lid
  • It shall be unlawful for a person, owner, owner’s agent, or occupant to set out or allow to be set out any garbage or trash for collection before 4:00 pm of the day prior to the day of collection or allow to remain at or near the curb (including emptied trash cans) after 7:00 am on the day after scheduled for collection
  • Place all items three feet or closer to the curb for collection
  • Place refuse outside of any enclosure and at ground level. No refuse to be placed on vehicles
  • Trash containers should not exceed 50 gallons. The preferred method of refuse collection is bags
  • Trash misses or complaints should be called in directly to Waste Management at (913) 631-3300. If you experience a continued problem with trash service or have other complaints about your trash service, please call the City Clerk’s office at (913) 667-1716

Drop Off Locations and Additional Recycling Information

Curbside Recycling Information
Waste Management Recycling Information
Metro Recycling Centers