Proper Swim Attire


What people wear into the pool is important.

We require that patrons wear proper swim attire (see attached graphic). This is to:

    1. Keep our water clear and clean

    2. Protect swimmers from the nastiness that can be stored in clothing (street clothes can transport air and waterborne                          chemicals)

    3. Protect our filter equipment (absorbent materials break down in the water and clog our filters resulting in pool closures. Dyed             materials can bleed into the water causing discoloration and stains)

Patrons found out of compliance will be asked to change into appropriate swim attire.

Swimwear Requirements:

    • All individuals, both on the pool deck and in the swimming pool, must wear proper swim attire.

    • Infants and toddlers are required to wear a swim diaper.

    • Individuals can wear clean cotton t-shirts and sarongs on the pool deck only. They must also wear proper swim attire                         underneath these clothing items.

    • Underwear and other undergarments are not allowed to be worn under swimsuits.

Prohibited Swim Wear:

    • Brazil/French-cut, thong-style, and/or translucent swimwear (nothing that falls under the category of indecent exposure

    • Street clothes

    • Jeans (including cut-off jeans)

    • Skirts

    • Shorts

    • Sports bras

    • Underwear  

    • Leotards    

    • Leggings

    • Dri-fit wear

    • Compression shorts and shirts

This policy is in place to allow for a safe and chemically balanced pool. You can direct any questions about this policy to the Aquatics Coordinator at 913-422-7010.