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Kaw Valley Softball League U8 Girls Rules
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Revised 3-28-2014

AGES: 7-8 Participants cannot be 9 years of age before June 1, 2014 



BALL SIZE: 11" White or Yellow, white stitch 

TIME LIMIT: 1 Hour or 7 innings

1. In U8 the coach of each team, or his designee, will pitch to his own team.
2. There will be no walks.
3. There will be seven pitches to the batter or a strikeout whichever occurs first.
4. A foul ball on the third strike is not considered an out, if the batter fouls the seventh
pitch, one and only one more pitch will be given.
5. The coach must pitch the ball according to ASA rules. (Starting with both feet in
contact with the rubber and releasing the ball with one foot remaining in contact with
the ground).
6. Teams may change the pitcher coach once each game.
7. A “defensive pitcher” will be positioned next to the pitching coach. .

1. In U8 a defensive coach is permitted in the field. The coach shall stand behind
second base. The coach may not touch players or the ball.
2. Defensive players fielding the ball must attempt to throw the ball, not roll it.

1. Every player (roster batting) will be in the line-up.
2. An inning will be called when the 5th run crosses home plate.
3. If a batted ball remains inside the 8' circle in front of home plate, the ball is foul.
4. No bunting is permitted, batter must take a full swing.

1. No stealing, no lead offs, runners cannot leave the base until the ball is hit.
2. The batter may advance one base at her own risk on an overthrow at first base.
3. Once the pitcher gains control of the ball within the 8’ circle, play ceases, and the
half-way rule will apply to all runners. Pitcher may not throw the ball once the ball
goes back to the 8’ circle.
3a. The lead runner if not half-way will be sent back to the previous base, thus sending
any trail runner back to a previous base. Exception: The batter will not be sent back
to home plate.

1. No infield fly rule.
2. During the regular season, if a game is tied after regulation, the game will end in a tie.
No extra innings will be played.
3. Teams may field 10 players, six in the infield and four in the outfield beyond 10 feet
of the baseline or behind the white marks which are on the field.
4. If a team is down by more than five runs, the game will be called at the time limit.

*Any rules not covered in the above shall fall under the general rules written by the Kaw Valley League and "ASA" rules which will be under the jurisdiction of the home field Director.

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