Animal License

License Information

Dogs and cats over the age of six months are required to have an animal license. Bring your proof of rabies vaccination and the proper fee to the Police Department at 13001 Metropolitan, Bonner Springs, KS 66012. 
License Fees - The City only accepts checks, cash or money order for payment of these fees.
• $7.50 per spayed or neutered animal.
• $25.00 for animals not spayed or not neutered a breeder's license must be purchased, unless the owner presents a written statement from a licensed vet that the animal cannot be spayed or neutered due to an extreme health condition.
• $2.00 Duplicate Tag - Owners may obtain a duplicate tag if they lose the one issued, but must present the receipt for the original tag.
* Penalty Fee - Any owner that fails to register their animal per the City's regulations, by March 1st, shall pay in addition to the registration fee a penalty fee, per pet, of $5 for each month or portion of a month for late registration. 
 Animal Licenses are valid for one calendar year, January 1 through December 31.

Kennel License
A Private Kennel License is required when the person in charge of a residence or residential premises or household shall have, hold, maintain or contain more than a combined total of more than three dogs AND cats over six months of age within the City of Bonner Springs. The annual Private Kennel License Fee is $10.00.

A Commercial Kennel License is required when the number of dogs AND cats over six months of age is a combined total of more than seven. The annual Commercial Kennel License fee is $100.00.